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Old Timey Ice Cream



We want to share our love of old traditions with you!

Come watch us make ice cream in our old timey ice cream maker, powered by our fully-restored John Deere hit & miss engine! Enjoy the sounds and flavors of days gone by and spend time with friends with a scoop of ice cream, a bubble waffle, or a cotton candy!
We are located in Spring Creek, NV and serve all of Elko Couny. Find us at a special event in Elko, or at The Hub at 232 Spring Creek Parkway! For a weekly schedule, check the "Find Us" page.




"Nothing runs like a Deere"

John Deere engines have powered agricultural equipment for generations. Our 1 1/2 horsepower hit & miss engine is an unmistakable sound from the past! Through a system of pulleys and wheels, it powers a custom-made 20-quart ice cream maker that we use to create all of your favorite ice cream flavors! Only the freshest ingredients are used to craft our artisinal ice creams that blend old favorites with new flavor combinations.

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