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For the best party!

We have catering options for every event!

Make your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event the sweetest! Lola the Ice Cream Cart holds up to 500 pre-scooped cups of ice cream and keeps it frozen without ice or electricity! Lola is delivered to your event and picked up afterwards. Lola requires a minimum of 75 cups.

Otis the Party Cooler holds up to 70 cups of pre-scooped ice cream and will also keep it frozen without ice or electricity. The customer picks up the cooler full of ice cream and drops it off afterwards. Pricing for Lola and Otis includes spoons and napkins.

Our newest addition, Ruby, also holds up to 70 cups. She's absolutely beautiful and will make a great addition to your next event. Because she's freestanding, you don't have to worry about having a spot on the table.

Old Timey Ice Cream Catering Wedding
Old Timey Ice Cream Elko Catering Weddings, Elko Events, Elko Catering, Spring Creek, Lamoille
OTIS is our party cooler with cold plates. OTIS stands for Old Timey Ice Cream Shared. OTIS holds up to 70 cups of ice cream with lids and will keep the ice cream frozen without ice or electricity! Great for birthday parties, corporate lunches, or smaller weddings, you can now serve our delicious ice cream to guests at any event!
Old Timey Ice Cream Cart Lola Wedding Catering
Old TImey Ice Cream Wedding Catering Elko Lamoille
Elko Spring Creek Ice Cream Catering Wedding Birthday Party
We have 2 identical OTIS coolers to ensure availability for your special event! Ice cream catering has never been easier!
The newest addition to the Old Timey Ice Cream Catering family, Ruby also holds up to 70 cups of ice cream without ice or electricity! She's freestanding, so you don't need to save room on the table.
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