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Carrying On a Family Legacy

In the 1950's, in the heart of Sacramento, the Taylor family owned a dairy where they produced high quality ice cream, milk, and other dairy products. My grandfather, John Kopchak, was the Superintendent of the dairy until 1968. This is where he met Virginia, my now-99-year-old Nana. They lived in a house on the dairy so my grandpa could manage the daily operations and take care of emergencies. My sweet Nana sold ice cream from her office window to the neighborhood kids who rode their bikes or walked to the dairy. She says they loved being able to choose from the many flavors available, which rotated on a regular basis.

"Of course, ice cream was simple in those days, " she recently told me. "Like everything else," she laughed. "We usually had regular flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Nothing fancy like you have now."

Eventually, Taylor Dairy was sold to Challenge Dairy, and the ice cream operation was moved to a different location in the Sacramento Valley. My grandfather retired at the age of 50, having worked hard and saved as much money as he could for retirement. Taylor Dairy continues to produce quality dairy items in the Sacramento Valley. My grandfather passed away many years ago, but my sweet Nana still lives in the Sacramento area. Those of you who live in the Sacramento may not know the Taylor Center on Marconi Avenue is the former location of the dairy!

I feel happy and proud to carry on our family tradition of offering delicious ice cream to neighborhood families, along with the memories that go with it. We happily support several different family-owned businesses, including a family-owned dairy in Southern Nevada and a local family-owned distributor. Old Timey Ice Cream loves being your neighborhood ice cream "shop" in Spring Creek, and we are thrilled to carry on the family tradition of service with a smile!

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