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Like any industry, there are controversial topics in the ice cream industry. What’s the most controversial thing about Old Timey Ice Cream? No, it’s not the pink hair! It’s not even the fact that we offer food (which is also highly controversial.)

The most controversial topic is this…right…here...

That’s an Old Timey Ice Cream Kiddie Cone.

“Perfect for little hands and tiny tummies,” it was introduced in Summer of 2023. It is our most controversial business decision ever, and that’s saying a lot, considering some of the riskier business moves we’ve made!

So what makes it such a heated topic? “You’ll never make any money!” They said. “People will buy the smallest ice cream possible!” “You’ll lose business!” “DON’T DO IT!” These are all things we’ve heard within the industry about offering a tiny ice cream meant for toddlers.

However, we recognized that our smallest customers wasted a lot of ice cream, making their parents less likely to bring them for a treat. Little ones don’t want to share either- they want their OWN ice cream. It’s so much fun to see their faces light up when they reach for their very own ice cream cone!

We also know that times are tough, and if you have multiple kids, a delicious treat isn’t always in the budget. It’s always exciting when a coach shows up with 10 kids in tow, celebrating a win at their local neighborhood ice cream shop on wheels!

Of course, there are also times you REALLY want ice cream, but you just ate a big meal or are trying to stick to a diet. A kiddie cone is the perfect ending- it’s that little something sweet that satisfies your craving without being too much.

“Oh my gosh! It’s adorable” vs “You can’t be serious!”

We are often asked, “Can I buy a kiddie cone if I’m an adult?” Absolutely! Just remember they are really tiny. Please don’t yell at us when you get your cone (Yes, this happens!) We will commonly ask, “You know it’s really small, right?” We want to make sure you are familiar with our product so you aren’t disappointed. If you’re a regular and we ask this often, thank you for your understanding.

There’s another reason behind our kiddie cones. One of my sons has a motor planning disorder. It showed itself in a lot of ways when he was younger, but one of them was being easily overwhelmed. “Just eat what you can” never worked for him. If he knew he couldn’t eat it all, giving him something that was too big caused actual anxiety. A kiddie cone would’ve been perfect for him. It would’ve allowed him to enjoy a treat without the meltdown. I see myself in every one of you young moms raising their kids.

We love being able to offer options for you and your family that fit into your budget and lifestyle. We recognize that not everyone is looking to splurge on a huge dessert. We love that for a lot of your littles, moving from a kiddie cone to a cake cone is “getting the big cone.”

So the next time you’re craving something sweet, swing by for a scoop- even a kiddie scoop! We’ll even sell you multiple kiddies in the same cup if you want several flavors (just not on a cone. They don’t stack well. Secret menu item!)


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